Top 10 Best Electric Kettle 2020 for Boiling Maggie, Milk, Eggs & Water

Can I Boil milk, Maggie, Eggs, and water in Electric Kettle?

Electric kettles are one of the most useful inventions made to make things easier for humankind. The electric kettles aren’t only faster and more reliable than the traditional ays of boiling and tea making, but it is one of the most versatile tools available for the India kitchens.

The best part of the electric kettles is they are extremely easy to use and produce brilliant results in every condition. Along with making tea or coffee, the electric kettles can also be used for several other things like boiling water, milk eggs, and even the Maggie noodles. Yes, you heard it right. The high temperature of boiling water can easily let yo perform almost every task that you usually do in the kitchen in a traditional water boiling method.

TO make thing easier for the buyers, many manufacturers provide a different mode for boiling eggs and making noodles. You can easily set the kettle to the desired mode and you will be ready with your 2-minute noodles in a moment. Talking about the milk, it can also be used in the same settings as for boiling the water.

Here’s a précised step to step guide that will help you use the electric kettle for various other tasks.

To boil the eggs

The first thing we are going to talk about is to boil the eggs that isn’t too a common practice but believe us, by following the right procedure you can easily get the best results in much lesser time.

Step 1: Pour the water till the maximum level of the electric kettle

Step 2: Put eggs in the kettle one by one as per the needs

Step 3: Put the kettle to the maximum temperature setting to let the water boil for 5 minutes.

Step4: That’s it, you will have your boiled eggs ready in five minutes.

TO Make Noodles

AS said, most of the manufacturers like  Bajaj and Philips have a separate setting for making the noodles in the kettle. However, if you haven’t given the setting, you can use the following steps to get perfectly cooked noodles in minutes.

Step 1: Pour enough water in the kettle according to the quantity of the Maggie noodles

Step 2: Pour the ingredients as you will do it while making on the gas stove

Step 3: Set the kettle to its maximum boiling temperature and wait till the water starts boiling

Step 4: Once the water starts boiling reduce the temperature to make the noodles cooks slowly. Check the noodles after 2-3 minutes and you will have your perfectly done favorite Maggie noodles.


In all, if you were looking forward to having a multipurpose kitchen tool at home that can help you keep the gas stove free and make things faster than usual, you should once try your hands on the electric kettles that will help you keep things managed and easy. Just make sure that the kettle you are buying is powerful enough to deal with tasks other than making tea/coffee.

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